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Defender 130 battle bus

What Syncro Gearbox Parts Are You Using? : R380 slickshift, lt230 part time 4wd kit, lt230 hd 300M centre shaft and sleeve

My parents have bought this 130 brand new in 2002. It is (or was) a defender 130 TD5 crew cab high capacity. Last few years I’m driving and maintaining it myself.

Now, a few years later, we’ve done some modifications; custom roll cage, tube fenders, 11 inch stroke shocks, front bumper with warn winch, nissan patrol y61 steerring box, y61 axles, custom hd props, johnny jointed a-frame and panhard rod, stainless 3 inch exhaust, big intercooler and about a 190 bhp remap. Most likely I forgot to name a whole bunch of other mods we did but these are the main ones.

When we fitted the y61 axles it was clear we had to deal with drive line vibrations coming from the front propshaft. We could have bought some custom axle casings and shafts, but unless I won the lottery, this wasn’t an option for me. So instead of that I went looking for another option: A Part time 4wd kit. And we certainly found one. The Syncro Gearboxes part time 4wd kit for the lt230 and it’s an awesome bit of kit. Not only we could get rid of our worn out centre diff, but it also solved our vibration problem. Now we could use the oem y61 front free wheeling hubs and the part time kit and our front prop wouldn’t spin when road driving. And as an added benefit we made our lt230 a whole lot stronger. No breaking centre diff pins anymore.

Now our driveline is a lot stronger as standard lr, we need more power. Soo next upgrade will have something to do with a big snail🐌🐌

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Simplest Gearbox Improver ever!

What Syncro Gearbox Parts Are You Using? : Slickshift tdci/puma

I was disappointed with the action of the standard gear change on my new Defender TDCi, 6 years ago I met the Syncro team at a show and was introduced to the Slickshift. Great support, easy instructions, video and written. Simple no brainer up grade which transforms the gear shift. Highly recommended, both company and part


M57 8hp Evocase SS Ultra4 car

What Syncro Gearbox Parts Are You Using? : Evocase SS, 8hp Cooler Fittings, Billet Thermostat Housing, Billet Idler & Tensioner, Billet Top Hose Outlet, Y61 Chromoly Stubs

M57N powered Ultra4 racer running the ZF 8hp auto gearbox with sequential shifter.
Evocase SS transfer case with Nissan Y61 axles and 40inch tyres.

We began the build in late 2017 to race from 2018. The car has evolved hugely since then.
Find out more here:


BMW M57 to 300tdi R380 Adapter Kit

The new Syncro Gearboxes BMW M57 to 300tdi R380 Adaptor Kit allows you to bolt a standard 300tdi R380 to a BMW M57 engine.

50mm thick, Solid Aluminium Billet. You won’t need to use a hybrid box made from rare parts that are hard to source. Any defender or discovery 300tdi R380 will bolt straight up. At 50mm thick its the thinnest adaptor we could achieve when using a standard 300tdi R380

Includes CNC machined aluminium billet adaptor and various caphead screws to bolt the adaptor to the block, clutch kit, spigot bush, fork pivot

Click the Link Below to see the Product page:

Series 3 LT76 Overhaul Bundle

Series 3 LT76 Overhaul Bundle (Main Box and Transfer Box)

A comprehensive overhaul kit for the Land Rover LT76 complete transmission suitable for 2A and Series 3 vehicles.

This awesome kit contains all the items needed to overhaul both the Main Box and Transfer Box.

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Slickshift Bundle

Defender LT77 & R380 Slickshift BUNDLE

Want to replace out all of the items whilst you are installing your new Slickshift?  Then this amazing Bundle is the kit for you!

Syncro Bundle includes:

Defender LT77/R380 Slickshift Kit x 1

Turret Kit x 1

Anti Rattle Spring x 1

Foam Pad x 1


Click the Image below to visit the Bundle:

Puma Slickshift


From the creators of the Defender LT77/R380 Slickshift, this new and exciting innovative design exclusive to Syncro Gearboxes improves your Puma TDCI gear change by reducing sloppiness and minimising travel, as well as neatening shifts giving smoother gear changes.

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