X-Eng LT76 Transmission Brake for Series

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Parts are supplied coated with a tough corrosion resistant coating of gold zinc passivate to ensure a long life. Fitting is easy requiring only simple tools. Full fitting instructions are included as well as advice on adjustment and use.

This will fit any Land Rover fitted with a standard Series transfer box, including those fitted with PTO’s, under or overdrive units. The new brake replaces the original transmission brake drum. It is supplied with a new adjustable actuator rod which connects from your original handbrake lever, direct to the caliper, reducing the amount of slack in the linkages. The disc transmission brake uses an industrial open-frame caliper with simple adjustment and easy cleaning.

The new caliper is mounted on a laser cut steel back-plate with a folded gusset for added strength and incorporating a built in skid plate to protect the disc which is manufactured from robust 10mm thick mild steel plate and which bolts directly to your original gearbox output flange with six new bolts (supplied). The system is very light weight, offering a saving of almost 10kg compared to an original drum brake.

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Weight 20.01 kg

1 review for X-Eng LT76 Transmission Brake for Series

  1. Paul B. (verified owner)

    Superb quality part. Very well made. Looking forward to fitting the prop shalf disc brake.

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