Power TD5 Solid Mass Flywheel Kit

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Power TD5 Solid Mass Flywheel kit
Perfect for vehicles with a Stage2 map/ 450NM / 200 BHP
(Above 450 NM we suggest keeping the dual mass flywheel)

    • LOF HD Friction Material
    • 1x 3 stage pre-dampened sprung driven plate
    • 1x LOF Solid flywheel
    • 1x LOF TD5 Clutch cover
    • 1x LOF EXTREMEspec HD Release bearing
    • 1x G90 High Temp Assembly Grease
    • 6x Clutch Cover Bolts
    • 1x CNC Wire formed anti-rattle wire spring clip
    • 1x Spigot bush OEM
    • 1x Fork bush OEM
    • 8x Flywheel bolts
    • Pedal Weight no Heavier than original

What makes this Solid Mass Clutch kit so different?

    • The flywheel is the exact same weight as the original Dual Mass Flywheel.
    • The Sprung centre has been designed to match the dampening as given by the original Valeo dual mass flywheel.
    • The flywheel will allow the use of a standard length release bearing, including the Extreme heavy duty release bearing.

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