M57 Breather Outlet Port

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M57 Breather Outlet

For use where the standard airbox is cut off and the small rectangular breather hole is left exposed and able to leak oil directly on to the manifold.

Made from a single piece of billet aluminium the port will not melt due to exhaust temps.

Accepts a 16mm Inside Diameter hose. Plumb to catch tank, air box, atmosphere as preferred.


Fitting: Once the air box is cut off. Drill a small screw hole in the plastics, running into the rectangular breather cavity. Push the port into the cavity and mark through the drilled hole.

Now drill a hole in the port for a securing self tapping screw.

Clean the cavity and ensure its free from oil. Apply a generous amount of silicon sealant to the port and refit into the cavity. Fit securing self tapping screw.

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