LOF power master for Defender & Series

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Heavy Defender/ Series 3 clutch pedal?


An affordable, cost effective Master cylinder that reduces the weight of the pedal significantly.

This Master can be fitted to All Defenders & Series 3, Also can be fitted with LOF power spring for best results

*Cannot be fitted in conjunction with the LOF power Slave cylinder*

– 30% lighter than OEM set up

1. Does the power master fit my vehicle?

The LOF power master will fit Defender & Series models fitted with a ‘Girling type’ Master as standard, part number STC500100.

2. How easy is the Master to fit?


25 minutes to fit

You will need:

  • Brake Fluid
  • 11, 13, 14mm open ended spanners
  • 10mm socket, extension and ratchet
  • bleeding kit not necessary but can help
  • Phillips screw driver

3. Drawbacks ?

We post out the power master Pedal Assist Kits by Royal Mail.

You may also like the power spring for Defender TDI/ TD5/ TDCI

4. Fitting Instructions:

  1. Disconnect pipe from master cylinder
  2. Undo the retaining bolt for the bulkhead mounted header tank (TD5/ TDCI)
  3. Undo the 6 screws on the top of the clutch pedal box
  4.  Remove 2x 13mm nuts securing the master push rod to the pedal assembly
  5. Unplug the clutch switch cable (TD5/ TDCI)
  6. Now wedge the pedal down and undo the two mounting bolts holding it to the clutch pedal box
  1. Withdraw master cylinder from pedal box

Refitting is the reversal, making sure to use the new 1/2 width Nyloc nut provided, set the pedal inline with the brake pedal and bleed the system, leave the cover plate off while test driving, taking 2x 13mm spanners to adjust as necessary! You can raise the biting point by raising the position of the pedal using the two lock nuts on the master push rod. 

Tips for installing & Bleeding

  1. Use a pipe clamp / soft jaw grips on the flexi hose hose to retain the majority of Brake fluid
  2. Bleeding can be a little awkward, if you think there is air in the system, you can wedge the clutch pedal down over night to allow the air to rise to the top of the system.
  3. On the Defender if you need to increase clearance; this can be done by adjusting the master cylinder pushrod to move the pedal assembly further away from the bulkhead increasing the stroke

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