L.O.F powerspring Pedal Assist Kit – 45% Lighter (Defender)

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An affordable, cost effective pedal assist spring that reduces the weight of the pedal significantly.
45% lighter than OEM “Pedal assist spring”
80% lighter than no spring at all! (When retro fitted to TD5/ 300Tdi etc)

1. Does the Powerspring fit my DEFENDER?

It will fit Defender models 300TDI, TD5 and also TDCI PUMA vehicles.

In order to double check that it will fit, simply take a look at your clutch pedal:

    • If the clutch pedal arm is a flat sheet of steel in terms of profile – IT FITS!

2. How easy is the spring to fit?

5-10 minutes to fit

You will need:
2 pairs of mole-grips/ Pliers (ideally long nose)

    • 1x medium flat headed screw driver
    • 1 suitable sized pole/ something to wedge the pedal down

See the step-by-step fitting below.

Fitting Photos:

Wedge the pedal down to the floor using a piece of wood/metal bar (Perfect length is 50cm)

Remove any existing coil spring or original over centre type spring.

Start by removing the tab on the pedal lever (not essential but makes fitting easier) by bending back and forth

nOnce the bushes are installed, start by clipping the spring into the pedal bush.
Rotate the spring round and use some good quality long nose mole grips or pliers to push the spring towards the bush.
Once the spring has started into the bush, use a flat headed screwdriver to apply pressure while removing the mole grips- then push the spring further into the bush.

Now use another pair of mole grips to retain this side of the spring to stop it moving.
Now grip the other side of the spring and push it into the bush hole- on this side we prefer to pull the spring from the bottom of the footwell into place.
Once the spring is fitted into all 3 bushes, make sure it is seated centrally. If the pedal box ‘tabs’ are spread wide apart, they can be bent inwards to give a tighter fit as shown! (Pedal boxes are varying in dimension due to fabrication tolerances.

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3 reviews for L.O.F powerspring Pedal Assist Kit – 45% Lighter (Defender)

  1. Zsolt (verified owner)

  2. Andrew Wood (verified owner)

    Quality looks good.I have a stuffed back so hoping that swayping to a Defender clutch pedal assembly,a syncro box and this clutch assist will make life nice.All going in a 1958 88″.

  3. martin (verified owner)

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