Discovery 1 & 2 LT77 & R380 Slickshift (inc TD5)

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Discovery 1 & 2 LT77 & R380 Slickshift

Syncro Gearboxes is delighted to announce the Land Rover Discovery 1 & 2 LT77/R380 Slickshift!




Discovery 1 & 2 LT77 & R380 Slickshift

Syncro Gearboxes is delighted to announce the Land Rover Discovery 1 & 2 LT77/R380 Slickshift!

This new innovative design exclusive to Syncro Gearboxes improves gear change by reducing sloppiness and minimising travel, as well as neatening shifts giving smoother gear changes.

The Syncro Gearboxes’ Slickshift is easy to fit and allows you to use your original gear stick. Within thirty minutes you can have a more modern feeling Discovery, with gear selections similar to newer vehicles.

The Disco Slickshift from Syncro Gearboxes is a comprehensive kit which contains the following:

  • Custom Design aluminium anodised base plate
  • Steel bias spring adapter
  • Nylon spacer ring
  • 2 x bias springs
  • Nylon cup
  • 4 x 8mm cap head bolts
  • 2 x 6mm cap head bolts


The Discovery Slickshift is for Discovery 1 & 2 LT77 & R380 ONLY (inc TD5) and can be fitted using a basic tool kit within 30 mins. 4 spanner difficulty rating

NOTE: You may need trim the aluminium cover that sit over the bias spring/stick assembly slightly.  Customers with certain LT77 Gearboxes may need to modify their reverse plunger in order to activate the reverse switch.

Our Modified Top Hat can be found HERE

We also have the Defender LT77/R380 Slickshift available.


Fitting Video – a quick video on how to fit the Discovery Slickshift


What’s in the Box? – a quick video on the contents of the Discovery Slickshift

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Weight .4 kg

57 reviews for Discovery 1 & 2 LT77 & R380 Slickshift (inc TD5)

  1. Chris Henrik Greve (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to fit with the video instructions given.

  2. Ben (verified owner)

    Simple to fit if you watch the video

  3. Noel Murphy (verified owner)

    Excellent Company to deal with/

  4. Stephen D. (verified owner)

    A bit of kit that does what it says. very good quality product.

  5. PETER DORSETT (verified owner)

    well made fast dispatch very happy

  6. Tommy Evans (verified owner)

    This is the 3rd kit I’ve fitted now and it’s hand down the best value for money modification you can do to your landrover! Proper decent bit of kit and I would suggest it to any of my mates or customers

  7. Paul R. (verified owner)

    Well made, relatively cheap and easy to fit- and a great improvement over a standard set up.

  8. Lewis G. (verified owner)

    Really good quick service, and totally different once installed.

  9. Richard N. (verified owner)

    Fitted this on the weekend as my gear stick felt like I was stiring porridge, and what a difference it has made!! Can’t recommend this product highly enough.

  10. Keith (verified owner)

    Superb product easy to install works perfectly

  11. MARTIN HINTON (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome piece of kit!

    Rapid delivery, easy installation and has transformed my gearshift

    Have shared it with as many social media places I know so better stock up

  12. Francesco G. (verified owner)

  13. Sandra M. (verified owner)

    Brilliant service and product does exactly what they say it does

  14. David O’Neill (verified owner)

    Ordered wrong one, but staff very helpful, returned, credited, and correct part, my mistake originally,delivered veryquickly, way better than others from uk

  15. Alan R. (verified owner)

    Quick response to enquiry by Shabs thank just as easy to fit.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. Andrew (verified owner)

    Excellent quality kit, very helpful video for installation and works a treat! I would definitely recommend this slick shift especially if your bias plate is broken like mine was!

  18. Ed (verified owner)

    This worked great. Good communication and got me all the pieces I needed to repair my shifter. I recently purchased this car and the PO had removed parts inside. I was able to get the missing parts from synchro grearboxes and refit everything using their video. I’m back up and running and she shifts awesome.

  19. Juergen R. (verified owner)

    Very good service, quick delivery, five stars at all.

  20. Kazumasa H. (verified owner)

    This is a well-designed and brilliant product. It will make shift operation improve dramatically if you aren’t satisfied with anything now.
    Different from many other enthusiasts, it took me two weekends to finish fitting it. That was mainly because I ordered only this kit without realizing that my gearbox needed the “ Top Hat”. So I tried making it by using the lathe and I was relieved to see it working well. In addition to that, I had the bias spring adapter plate zinc plated. The only thing I’m a little worried about is oil leakage from top rubber seal but it will probably OK.
    After fitting it, I also feel as if I drove a modern car when shifting. Highly recommended.
    (*If you have an early LT77 gearbox, you should check before ordering whether or not the Top Hat is required. When fitting this kit, the gear stick is about ten millimetres higher than before and vertical rectangular surface may not push the reverse lamp plunger correctly.)

  21. Mike (verified owner)

  22. Gareth Williams (verified owner)

    Gone from like looking for a needle in a haystack to like a brand new car

  23. paul C. (verified owner)

    Easy to install and a major improvement in shift throw and feel !!

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

  25. Luis Basilio (verified owner)


  26. Tom (verified owner)

    Over the moon, bit fiddly but worthwhile. If in doubt go for it

  27. George Tsaoushis (verified owner)

  28. John Davies (verified owner)

    So far, so good. I’ve driven about fifty miles with the shift installed and the change appears to be, considering how simple the components are, quite remarkable.

  29. David bryan (verified owner)

    Great kit and fits perfect. Easy to follow video on YouTube as well

  30. joseph lyall (verified owner)

    Works great thank you mark

  31. Shane Hunt (verified owner)

    Very happy with the whole process and the product! Thanks

  32. Rodney Rochford (verified owner)

    Excellent fast service to Oz from Blighty. Less than a week.

  33. Nicky M. (verified owner)

  34. Ben Sewell (verified owner)

  35. Alessio B. (verified owner)

    Ok. Perfect!

  36. Bruce R. (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit (excellent delivery..3 days to Australia) which was easy to instal on gearbox..highly recommended

  37. Bruno (verified owner)

    Much smoother gears!

  38. RIZZO GIOVANNI (verified owner)


  39. Phillip Everall (verified owner)

    A great bit of kit. The u-tube fitting video is very clear and concise. Transforms the gearbox to how it should be. Very Recommended.

  40. john ferguson (verified owner)

    Just finished fitting as per instructions WOW I can now find every gear amazing well recommend quite simple to fit

  41. Shaun Parsons (verified owner)

    Took a little longer than expected to turn up, but once in made the disco a different vehicle to drive. A much better manufactured item than the standard land rover kit of pressed steel, well worth the money YouTube video made fitting easy to understand

  42. Trevor Ellis (verified owner)

    Really impressed with the difference the kit makes well worth the money

  43. Torstein Fossnes (verified owner)

    Part look great, havn`t change the parts yet. But will do soon.

  44. Glyn Jones (verified owner)

    When I bought my 9 care-full owner Disco II, I was advised that the gearshift was “anywhere for a shilling” as the bias assembly had evidently collapsed, so driving it home from the Midlands was a carefully crafted event. Having fitted a ‘SlickShift’ to my Defender previously, I was aware of the improvement possible. Before removing the gearlever, I took measurements of the two extremes in neutral side to side. After fitting Slickshift a second measurement was taken, which indicated a 50mm reduction in side to side movement. The improvement in gear selection is incredible and ‘Paddy’ the Irish Disco is a shear joy to drive. Many thanks for including a new FTC2203 Bush, though not necessary at present, as mine was perfect. Well done for providing a nice bit of clever engineering that does the job beautifully.

  45. Alex Rushton (store manager)

    One happy discovery

    Bought after watching a Tirsbaek TV video.

    One of many things that have made it better to drive. easy to fit in the car and replaced the broken part

  46. Carl fisher (verified owner)

    Made a big difference to the gearbox absolutely loved it well worth the money

  47. Tom Grogg ’87 D90

    A must for any Defender with a sloppy shifter!. Easy installation, great guidance videos, great customer service, great price. Slickshift makes all the difference in the world. I couldn’t be more pleased. Take note of the wear on the pillar. If the slots in which the gear changer rests are enlarged, now is the time to replace.

  48. João Baptista (verified owner)

    I recomend it, lots of quality and just as advertised. Very good instructional vídeo also.

  49. Palle Carlsson (verified owner)

    I recomend this. The gears feals nice and firm. The instruction video on the website was good to se how it should be done.

  50. Tobias Vukadinovic (verified owner)

    Can only recommend this product. Switching gears has become a lot easier and even my wife can’t stop smiling. Award-winning product, great support, thanks Syncro-Gearboxes!

  51. Brian Fox

    Excellent upgrade would recommend gearstick sits slightly higher thro is greatly reduced and feels so much better

  52. Alex Toft (verified owner)

    Outstanding – great product. Stick travel is massively reduced and it slots into gears like a modern car.

  53. Richard

    Great addition to my P reg Discovery nice and slick made a great difference.

  54. Ian Brand (verified owner)

    Excellent mod does as advertised quality upgrade. My Disco has only done 50,100 (2002) miles from new but has transformed the drive ability from the original and is a well worth while upgrade,

  55. Graham (verified owner)

    Nice bit of kit, easy to fit, transformed gear selection no more
    ‘ Stiring soup ‘ at the end of a long motorway drive.

  56. Billy Scott (verified owner)

    Great kit that has massively improved gear changes. So easy to fit once you have wrestled the transmission tunnel out, but well worth the effort. Both the Puma kit and the Disco kit have transformed the vehicles. Many thanks

  57. Richie Butler (verified owner)

    Always found my R380 to be a bit clunky with quite a large throw ( this interfered with my cupholders!!!). Ordered the slickshift after seeing it advertised in Land Rover Owner International, arrived within a few days . Promptly fitted with help from the online video.
    Only point to note is that you will have to drill out and subsequently replace the rivets holding the plate on the transmission tunnel in place.
    Unfortunately I also had to replace the rubber gaiter underneath as it had split. I would probably had not known had I not decided to fit the ‘slick shift’.
    To sum up, easy to fit, feels and looks like a quality upgrade, and the best bet it REALLY WORKS gear changes much smoother with less movement and yes it is really ‘Slicker’.

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