Defender Puma/TDCI Slickshift

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Puma/TDCI Slickshift

Syncro Gearboxes is delighted to announce the Defender Puma/TDCI Slickshift!

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Puma/TDCI Slickshift

Syncro Gearboxes is delighted to announce the Defender Puma/TDCI Slickshift!

This new innovative design exclusive to Syncro Gearboxes improves gear change by reducing sloppiness and minimising travel, as well as neatening shifts giving smoother gear changes.

The Syncro Gearboxes’ Slickshift is easy to fit and allows you to use your original gear stick. Within thirty minutes you can have a Defender that feels less like a Transit!

The Slickshift is designed to sit in the exact position that the original unit does. Whether-left hand drive or right-hand drive the stick will point toward the driver as it should in standard OEM fitment.

The Puma Slickshift eliminates the chances of hitting the dashboard or cubby box, making for more comfortable driving.

The kit is made from high quality CNC machined components and manufactured to a standard, not a price.

The Defender Puma/TDCI Slickshift from Syncro Gearboxes is a comprehensive kit which contains the following:

  • CNC machined steel Pivot
  • CNC machined steel Inner Gear Stick with O-Ring
  • CNC Machined Aluminium anodised Retaining Block
  • CNC Machined Nylon Spacer
  • 4 x M5 Allen-Head Bolts
  • M10 Grub Screw, Nord-lock and nut


The Defender Puma Slickshift is for Defender Puma TDCI ONLY and can be fitted using a basic tool kit within 30 mins.

1 spanner difficulty rating


We also have the Defender LT77/R380 Slickshift available.



Fitting Video – A quick video on how to fit the Defender Puma Slickshift

PRODUCT UPDATE: following valuable feedback from our customers please note the lower pivot to inner stick assembly is now a push fit to allow for easier assembly.  A longer grub screw, Nordlock and nut are now also included in the kit.  Kit now also contains an o-ring – this fits at the top of the inner stick.

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89 reviews for Defender Puma/TDCI Slickshift

  1. Kevin K. (verified owner)

    Great product!!

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    Great product – easy to install and makes a great difference. l now have space for a small storage container in front of the cubby box, as the gear shifts are now so much shorter – it also raises the overall height of the gear lever which l find it more comfortable. l’m 6’1

  3. Jean François Luc (verified owner)

    Excellent produit, dommage pour les taxes élevées depuis le brexit.

  4. Brian Argent (verified owner)

    This has been such a change and the videos for self change was so helpful

  5. patrick geffroy (verified owner)

    very good

  6. teddy hendryana (verified owner)

    Thank syncro gearboxes for the great experience from the great product

  7. ALEX W. (verified owner)

    Must have upgrade for a Defender. Highly recommended!

  8. Matt Ravenhill (verified owner)

    Prompt service. Easy to fit with clear instructions, immediate improvement to gear changes. Highly recommended.

  9. Grégoire B. (verified owner)

  10. Nigel S. (verified owner)

    Fantastic piece of engineering, has made a massive difference,really precise and now changes gear with purpose!

  11. Peter Sarles (verified owner)

    Finally got the SLICKSHIFT fitted on the PUMA after a few years sitting on the shelf, huge difference in drivability now. Love the short shift.
    Great product that works really well, worth the upgrade forsure.

  12. marco russo (verified owner)

    Tutto perfetto !!

  13. Steve Barker (verified owner)

    Really fast service, ordered onMonday and the kit turned up on Tuesday. Really easy to fit, the videos are clear and easy to follow – however I did get grease on my iPad…….

    I’ve driven about 20 miles since fitting the slick shift, the gearbox feels like it’s brand new now; one of the best upgrades you can do for your Defender (or Disco).

  14. James Smith (verified owner)

    Great feel to hear changes now

  15. Russell Sharpley (verified owner)

    This is the second slickshift I have ordered and fitted .. I find the product excellent , it makes such a difference to the driving experience and as always the process of ordering it on line is a piece of cake.. thanks .

  16. Mabel Soca (verified owner)

  17. ALI O. (verified owner)

    Good Service and Grate Product

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Has made a huge difference to the gearchange. No more wobbly stick or crunch when selecting 2nd and 3rd.

  19. Jörg T. (verified owner)

    The UK guys ship faster than our Germans. Follow the instruction video, the Puma parts fit LHD and RHD, jut put it together, place the spacer onto the gearbox opening and the rest is easy. I Did not expect too much, my car is 2015, low mileage. Result is amazing, the car is now really fun to shift. Click Click.

  20. Dave (verified owner)

    Great device.

  21. Shane Van Eyck (verified owner)

    Quick n easy fix, the toughest part was getting the carpet sorted. My car has only got 60,000kms from new, so my gear is not really a typical soup stirrer, but the Slickshift really does tidy it up real nice.

  22. Walter Johnson (verified owner)

    Superb service from your company. The product has made a huge difference to my Land Rover. Unbelievable quality.

  23. Youssef Echouah (verified owner)

  24. Bjorn H. (verified owner)

  25. Richard Clark (verified owner)

    Highly recommended, this product has made the driving experience of my defender so much more pleasurable with such now smooth positive and easier gear change!

  26. Dan B. (verified owner)

    A brilliant upgrade for any Puma. Easy to install and extremely well manufactured.

  27. David Forrester (verified owner)

    Easily fitted and what a difference to the gear change. I was a design engineer and inventor and would like to congratulate the person who’s imagination led to this design. It transforms the driving experience. Thank you so much

  28. Daniel Galea (verified owner)

    Easy to install, makes the gear selecting feel great. Eliminates 80% of all wobble . Arrived in 1 day!

  29. Daz C. (verified owner)

    Awesome, transformed the defender, couldn’t put into words how good a piece of kit it is. All the problems you read of about gear change, Rev hang etc. In my case has been rectified. Awesome. Thank you.

  30. ARNAUD HUDE (verified owner)

  31. Jason King (verified owner)

    Easy to fit and makes a lot of difference when using your Defender daily..

  32. Eunice Stewart (verified owner)

    Fantastic item, we have used quite a few of these in our workshop, makes the gear change so easy, very good company to deal with.

  33. tim francis (verified owner)

    Excellent service, parts arrived in Australia just days after ordering, really happy.

  34. Alan Dean (verified owner)

    Great product… what a difference to my Defender…

  35. Elijah L. (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely blown away by the slick shift. It’s a must have no matter what type of driving you do.

  36. Rik Holmes (verified owner)

  37. Alex M. (verified owner)

    Ordered on Friday the 9th of August from the UK and received on Monday the 12th of August in Australia
    The difference in the feel is truely remarkable.
    High quality materials and workmanship.
    Easy install.
    Just do it! It make the Puma Defender feel better than new.
    Installed on a MY2012, 2.2Litre, 190 000km yes that’s thousand kilometres and feel great!

  38. gary kendall (verified owner)

    Very easy to fit just follow the youtube video, My gearshift was starting to get sloppy on my 2011 66000 mile defender 90. My plastic ball on the stick itself was badly split the same as it was on there video so it was definitely due to be changed. Fitting has made my changes much smoother and more car like. There customer service if pretty good too, i made a mistake with my order which they quickly sorted. Well done and top marks syncro gearboxes…

  39. Craig Mercer (verified owner)

    great service, thanks again

  40. Mick Ellis (verified owner)

    So much better and no plastic. Might have to upgrade my series 3 to a slick shift.

  41. John Woodward (verified owner)

    Transformed my gear change, marvellous

  42. Ryan Carr (verified owner)

    Expensive piece of kit, but definitely worth it. Top quality parts

  43. martin (verified owner)

    Very good, Very easy to install.

  44. TTRACK CARGO SERVICES (verified owner)

    Shipment was prompt and installation was quick easy, product itself still under review i’ve only fitted it yesterday. check back in 6 months to see how it holds up…

  45. Wayne Helm (verified owner)

    Brilliant bit of kit, easy to fit and best modification I’ve done to my defender so far.

  46. Bob Goetz (verified owner)

    Best money spend on my car!

  47. william judd (verified owner)

    it has made very nice change to the gear lever travel, Brilliant Thanks

  48. Charlie Elliot (verified owner)

    Real quality kit, excellent service. Thank you

  49. Thomas (verified owner)

    Das Ding tut, wofür es beworben wird – es verkürzt die Schaltwege des Defender. Wer glaubt, dass er damit einen Sportwagen bekommt, sollte sich die €260.- sparen. Aber die Schalterei wird deutlich knackiger und sympathischer. Besser wäre es, das Ding als einteilige Ausführung zu liefern, das Zusammenschrauben ist echt verzichtbar. Daher: 4 von 5 Punkten.

  50. Joshua (verified owner)

    Awesome company. Impeccable service. Great product.

  51. Thomas D. (verified owner)

    Perfect service and very good Quality . And it works perfect. Thank you.

  52. Dan B. (verified owner)

    You have engineered a great product which works brilliantly.

  53. Mark P. (verified owner)

    Fitted myself with few issues. Only problem was seating the gear stick all the way down onto the shaft. Works well though. Gear selection action feels rifle bolt smooth! Won’t really know how if feels until my arm’s out of a sling and can change gear in earnest.

  54. Michael (verified owner)

  55. Chris Rundlett (verified owner)

    Everything arrived quickly. Looks like quality parts. I love the idea of installation instructions in the form of a YouTube video!

  56. Sven KInden I. (verified owner)


  57. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Best upgrade made to the defender to improve driving experience. Really easy to follow insulation video.

  58. Tim H. (verified owner)

    Great service, really pleased with the product, certainly has changed the way the car drives.

  59. Robin Hansen (verified owner)

    Great product. Arrived as quoted and fitted in an hour.(give or take half hour for the carpets).

  60. Tom Köpke (verified owner)

    I agree with all previous reviews. The slickshift makes switching the gears better. Have it installed for 6 months now. Great!
    Since my Defender has completed the 100,000 km, an oil change of the gearbox is recommended. The transmission shifts again better.
    Above all, I like the RH and LH idea.

  61. George Ljubicic (verified owner)

    Hey Guys just a short note i ordered my slickshift on Monday morning on 4/06/2018 and it arrived on Thursday 07/06/2018 and fitted just after lunch Great service Great Product i will be recommending you guys !!!!!

    Thanks George Ljubicic
    Allcare Tyres

  62. Chris Wood

    best upgrade you can do to your defender have fitted them to td5s in the past watch the fitting video first not after you fitted it like i did !!!
    you need to put the tape around the slickshift as it shows or you will get an annoying rattle at high revs and also grease is key to the good operation gets smoother the more you use it
    highly satisfied well worth the money top quality as always keep up the good work guys

  63. Daniel Green

    I would say its the single most important upgrade you should do, it fundamentally changes the truck’s driving characteristics and make it feel like you are driving a new car. Watch the video twice and you will find the install very easy and actually enjoyable to do. I can’t recommend this upgrade more highly, don’t suffer the original sloppy gear change out of martyrdom to the original character of the Defender, trust me you need this in your life! 🙂

  64. Ken Kemp (verified owner)

    A brilliant mod to the sloppy OEM Shift of my 2012 Puma 110.
    Easy to fit, and you soon forget what the original felt like. Of note, the nylon ball on my selector lever was fractured as well, at only 100,000kms, so I reckon there would be lots of others with the same OEM part failure.
    Shipping to Australia was painless.
    Thanks Shabs.
    Very highly recommended.

  65. Steve Gonsalves (verified owner)

    Hi Guys,great product, a must if your truck is re-mapped, it completes the upgrade, a friend had one fitted as soon as i tried it the fingers got to work and within three days i had watched the install instructions on line, received and fitted it

  66. Fabio (verified owner)

    arrivato in tempi rapidissimi, materiali eccellenti e facilità di montaggio, il cambio ne giova in precisione e il piacere di guida e ottimo, un upgrade assolutamente consigliato.

  67. Karim Rayess (verified owner)

    Great choice of me , and good work of the S
    lick shift team.

  68. Jon Simpson

    Love it ! One of the best modifications I have made to my 90. Gearstick feels more like a car than a transit van ! Easy to hit each gear, less play with the stick and generally feels solid. Reverse is harder to engage in my defender but it’s still much much better. Fitting was easy, the videos really helped. I would recommend this product.

  69. Riccardo (verified owner)

    I have installed the new Puma Slickshift , the product is well made and easily mounts. it is one of the best changes I made on my defender .
    Well done Gearbox Team

  70. Billy Scott (verified owner)

    Great kit, so easy to fit. Has made a huge difference to gear changes. The stainless column makes the gearstick feel more weighted which I also think improves the shift feel. A must have!!!!

  71. Dave Chase

    What a great bit of kit,should have fitted one ages ago,what a difference it makes land rover should have fitted these as standard.

    My mate had a go in it,and he couldn’t believe the transformation in gear changes.he said he will buy one.

  72. James (verified owner)

    5 star product, love the gear shift now and have recommended the product to friends. Followed fitting instructions to the letter.. However the grub screw, lock tight / friction fixing – holding the 2 shafts together worked itself loose with mine and meant the car was not driveable as the lever was rotating at that point. Luckily I wasn’t half way up a hillside in Devon when it went, so not a massive problem, but did not want to trust this fixing again, so had it beautifully stainless welded together. Now have a perfect long term solution and I know for sure it will never let me down again.!

    So for me – 5 star beautifully engineered and resolved product with a potential 1 star weak point. Having it professionally welded cost me £15, maybe consider offering this option to customers as an extra. Just an idea.! I would have paid a little more for the piece of mind. So scored it down to 4 out of 5 only due to this problem experienced. Otherwise 5/5.!!

  73. Michael Nicholson (verified owner)

    Great kit definitely improve your gear changes and drivability.

  74. Keith Hodgson (verified owner)

    Puma Slickshift CANNOT RECOMMEND this Slickshift ENOUGH its absolutely BRILLIANT. Well made,Excellent materials,I wish I had fitted it earlier

  75. Jason Rowell

    Great mod and easy to fit with a few basic tools. The video guide is thorough and doesn’t leave you high and dry with missing info. The drive has now been transformed with a nice tight short throw into each gear and you just know this kit is bombproof. I now see that the plastic selector cup is now being sold as well, which saves the worry of having to salvage the original one. Mine seemed fine, but who knows how tired it actually is. Probably worth investing in a new one if you’re going to buy the slick-shift itself.

  76. jpmanfre (verified owner)

    Consegnato in due giorni, rapidissimo. montato seguendo le istruzioni del tutorial su youtube. Impuntamenti quasi del tutto spariti; solo la prima a volte fa i capricci ma niente in confronto a prima. Da consigliare.

    Delivered in two days, very fast. mounted following the instructions of the tutorial on youtube. Jamming almost completely disappeared; only the first sometimes got crazy, but nothing compared to before. To be recommended.

  77. Chris staniforth

    This is simply the best mod I’ve done this year, made an already quick car even more enjoyable to drive. Made the whole gear change thing so much more relaxing and professional. 10/10 guys, go buy one and see for yourself!!

  78. Sherwin Richard (verified owner)

    Awesome upgrade thanks

  79. Alex lamb

    So excellent !!! fitted my second slickshift to my 90 .. Easy to do as well I had a few questions and had great support . My buddy drove mine .. Needed one so I had to fit his as well !!
    Great product

  80. Jon Cole (verified owner)

    What a difference. Gear changes are totally transformed, it’s possibly one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can do, and the best part is no-one knows it’s there apart from you. Incredibly easy to fit, just make sure you have your 1/4″ drive with the correct Allen head for the selector turret screws or that bit of the refit takes the longest. Buy one. Just buy one.

  81. Scott from Angry Pumas

    Thanks to Shabs I now have a new feel to my gear change on my puma
    With this kit it’s making my puma
    Into a better Angry Puma
    As I bought this kit at billing Landrover show
    Very easy to fit

  82. Roy Price

    Simply amazing. You won’t know until you’ve had the slickshift in your hands how good it really is.

    Extremely well machined and very easy to fit (especially with shabs’s Thor’s hammer)

    My 500mile trip home from billing was a dream.

    Well done to the synchro gearbox team!!

  83. Mac

    Shabs has a lot to answer for.
    Two and a half years perfecting changing gears, thought I had it cracked.
    Then some random guy “Shabs” takes mine out and fits this slick shift thing.
    Now here I am in three tonnes of unstableness thinking I’m Magnum PI. In my Ferrari.
    Cheers Shabs, great mod and well worth the money…..

  84. Haydn Glenn

    I brought mine at billing fitted it that night three days and over one thousand miles I’m still in love with it. So precise so tight so smooth still in love with it made me fell back in love with my defender worth x10 it priced. well done synco gearboxes!!!

  85. Lee Hunt

    I picked one of these up at the Billing Land Rover show and fitted it in the camping area later in the afternoon (So it’s really easy with a basic tool kit). I managed to configure it for a LHD configuration but the guys at the stall sorted it out for me within minutes.

    What a transformation! The truck slots into gear with a reassuring clunk and short firm gear changes mean it’s an absolute delight to drive and didn’t miss a beat on the 250 mile drive home.

    Would highly recommend, probably one of the best mods I’ve made to my Puma Defender so far.

  86. Matt Bravery

    Bought and fitted the slick shift at Billing – dead easy to fit and makes a massive difference, I would highly recommend this mod to anyone that has a Puma, especially a high mileage one!

  87. Stephen grant

    Brilliant addition to my puma, made such a difference to the driving experience the gear change is so much more precise makes it much more car like. It gets 10 out of 10 from me.

  88. Ian Baughan

    Absolutely brilliant – very well engineered – piece of kit.

    Will definitely be offering more of these to my customers.

    Gear selection is more car like and very precise.

  89. Alex lamb

    Picked up my 09 puma defender with the new PUMA SLICKSHIFT fitted .. Wow .. What a difference . Feels solid and Tight ..gear changes are now a pleasure. Worth every penny . I will be fitting one to my 90 as well . the best single modification on my defender . Love it !!

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