The outstanding performance of Swepco lubricants make this simplification easier. Utilising the very best base oils and finest grade of additives combined with propriety technology it has been possible to reduce the number of lubricants required to put together a matrix to provide a wide range of kits.

Swepco 201 – Multi-Purpose Gear Lube is a premium quality, all-purpose gear oil formulated to provide superior performance in manual transmissions, gearboxes and final drives. Special additives provide outstanding anti-wear performance and energy efficiency.

Swepco 202 – MolyXP 75w90 Synthetic Gear Lube is a high-performance gear oil formulated to deliver unsurpassed, all-weather performance. Whether the application calls for protection of 4×4’s or performance cars. Ideal for the MT82 Gearbox

Swepco 712 – SWEPCO 712 Premium Synthetic Multi-Service ATF is a high-performance multi-service lubricant formulated to deliver unsurpassed performance in demanding on road or offroad vehicles.

Swepco 123 – Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease is a premium high-pressure gun grease. It has been specifically formulated to provide the extra protection required in high load, high heat and extreme pressure applications.

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Swepco 203 Moly XP Gear Lube 250 Wt. 1.5 litres

£40.00 Excl. VAT
SWEPCO USA 203 Moly Multi-purpose Transmission Gear Oil 1.5 litres DESCRIPTION: SWEPCO 203 Moly Gear Lube combines the proven performance

Swepco 212 Competition Diff Oil 3.785 litres

£100.00 Excl. VAT
SWEPCO 212 MolyXP Multi-Grade Gear Lube SAE 75W140 With Syntheon is a high performance gear oil formulated to deliver unsurpassed, all-weather