The Land Rover Series III gearbox has syncro in all gears as well as lower first and reverse gear ratios. The transfer case remained the same as was used on the late IIA. Series IIA gearboxes (D suffix & later) are generally considered to be stronger and longer lasting than early series III gearboxes (The ones imported into North America). Though a lot of this conception may have to do with people’s shifting habits. Series III boxes prefer that you hesitate briefly in the neutral position while you shift gears. This puts less stress on the syncros and enhances their service life. Suffix letters on the Series III gearboxes restarted with suffix A.

There were changes made to the SIII gearbox during its 14 years of manufacture, mostly to make them less prone to wear and to keep them from jumping out of gear. The suffix D and later Series III gearboxes (manufactured after Land Rover left the US) are considered to be the most robust of the Series Land Rover gearboxes. The principal changes were to the reverse idler gear, bearing and shaft and the syncro units.

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